Powermetics™ Charmed Jewelry

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• Handcrafted Quality

• Complements With Any Events

• Touch Of Romance

Color: Gold

Charm Yourself in 2 ways

  • The necklace can be worn in 2 ways: Clover and romantic-four-hearts. The pendant magnetically joins the-hearts into the clover.
  • High quality with 18k Gold Plating and decorated with sparkling Zircon Gems, the Clover-Hearts Neckband adds an exquisite and modern touch to any outfit.

The Jewelry is made for gifting, blessing and protection.

  • Created for every blessed individual.
  • Crafted by hand with blessings.
  • Each necklace has sixty pieces of genuine zircon crystal set into it.
  • It will bring you good fortune when you open it.
  • It adds a refined yet elegant style that complements any outfit and any occasion.
  • Crafted with high-quality stainless steel for lasting beauty.